lazy morning

‘lazy morning’

This dream are  fascinating, I let it conquer my sleep

Like, I devoted my sleep to the king of the dreams

This pillow holding me so tightly,

And my blanket strangled me inside it

This Sunday morning, I loosen up my heart

So relaxed, coz this morning is so auspicious

My heartbeat are slow and I am thinking of nothingness

Without worrying about the alarm buzzing near me

My stomach growling, yet I don’t want to eat

This dream is hitting me so hard, I don’t want to leave it

Just a lazy morning, I don’t want to do anything

It’s a Sunday morning, I don’t want to do anything


Unfinished poems

‘Unfinished poems’


My poems are stacked on my desktop

I forget the count, it’s all overlapped with one another

Some are about the world, some about the politics

Some are about my life, and some about the nature

But among all, my favourites are those

Unfinished poems that I wrote about you


I am not eager to finish, not a single one

Coz poems that I wrote about you

It is just so special

For a second thought, I wanted to finish it

But I ll stick with the first coz I don’t wanna finish it

Coz with the ending of my poems

I know it means, it’s the end of you and me

If you ask me again

‘If you ask me again’


If you ask me I want to start it again

My answer will be yes

If you ask me I want to start for 100 times

I will never get bored

Like the new bud after the flower is dead

Like the new chapter after the story is end

If you ask me if I want to turn a new page

I would happily say yes

But my love,

Do you do the same for me?

If I ask you to start us again

Will you say yes to me?

If I ask you to turn a new page

Will you agree with me?

I am committed to give my all again

To make the right which was wrong

To spark it again if it is burned

But my love,

If the soul is dead

It can’t be revived

If you don’t want it

I can’t say yes

But if you ask me again if I want to start it again

My answer will always be yes

A Letter to you

‘A Letter to you’


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

Everytime I try to close my eyes, I see you playing with my hair

And I hate every blink I make, even start hating myself when I fall asleep

When I try to sum up good things in my life after you left me

Everything looks devastated, same old shit and nothing is happening new

I hate you and I hate you but I hate myself even more

I don’t understand why you running away, I can’t keep up with you anymore


They said love is only real when you let her go

But my world is crunching away when I see you I can’t let it just flow

You brought me from the hell and take me to the stars

You brought butterflies in my empty stomach and you kissed me on my scars

I had a broken wings when you healed all those pain

You made me feel a real love, you teached me to cherish beautiness of this rain

now I think about you, when you left

you cut off my wings and it feels like I’m choked by a chain

Baby memories of you, I’m feeling crazy and dizzy, am going insane. Yea yea, I’m going insane.


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

I pick up my pen and start writing something to distract myself from you

But whenever I write, I write fuck love and shit, I always end up writing about you

I hate how the things turned out baby, once we were a stranger

And we fall in this thing called love and you fight and I fight we both fight

All the honeymoon shits turned into nightmares and you left and we act like we don’t know each other anymore

I hate the way this things turned out baby, I hate the fact that we are stranger right now baby


If I knew before we met how we will end up, prolly I would have never called you

Prolly I would have love you without saying I love you

Prolly I would have stay friend with you but fuck I know

I know we both were trying to lift our guard up but before you

I was the first one to lower my guard and love you

Baby, I ll tell you this, don’t get mad. you weren’t princess in my heart

With you I always felt complete4 but fuck you fuck me

Why would I keep you as a princess when you were the queen in my heart


If you ever tried to listen to this heart

Baby you would have known how much I loved you

You can ask my friends, they know how much I cared about you

But fuck this love and fuck you and fuck me, it doesn’t mean shit right now

Baby ya know, I love you always but I don’t give a fuck about it right now