If you ask me again

‘If you ask me again’


If you ask me I want to start it again

My answer will be yes

If you ask me I want to start for 100 times

I will never get bored

Like the new bud after the flower is dead

Like the new chapter after the story is end

If you ask me if I want to turn a new page

I would happily say yes

But my love,

Do you do the same for me?

If I ask you to start us again

Will you say yes to me?

If I ask you to turn a new page

Will you agree with me?

I am committed to give my all again

To make the right which was wrong

To spark it again if it is burned

But my love,

If the soul is dead

It can’t be revived

If you don’t want it

I can’t say yes

But if you ask me again if I want to start it again

My answer will always be yes


A Letter to you

‘A Letter to you’


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

Everytime I try to close my eyes, I see you playing with my hair

And I hate every blink I make, even start hating myself when I fall asleep

When I try to sum up good things in my life after you left me

Everything looks devastated, same old shit and nothing is happening new

I hate you and I hate you but I hate myself even more

I don’t understand why you running away, I can’t keep up with you anymore


They said love is only real when you let her go

But my world is crunching away when I see you I can’t let it just flow

You brought me from the hell and take me to the stars

You brought butterflies in my empty stomach and you kissed me on my scars

I had a broken wings when you healed all those pain

You made me feel a real love, you teached me to cherish beautiness of this rain

now I think about you, when you left

you cut off my wings and it feels like I’m choked by a chain

Baby memories of you, I’m feeling crazy and dizzy, am going insane. Yea yea, I’m going insane.


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

I pick up my pen and start writing something to distract myself from you

But whenever I write, I write fuck love and shit, I always end up writing about you

I hate how the things turned out baby, once we were a stranger

And we fall in this thing called love and you fight and I fight we both fight

All the honeymoon shits turned into nightmares and you left and we act like we don’t know each other anymore

I hate the way this things turned out baby, I hate the fact that we are stranger right now baby


If I knew before we met how we will end up, prolly I would have never called you

Prolly I would have love you without saying I love you

Prolly I would have stay friend with you but fuck I know

I know we both were trying to lift our guard up but before you

I was the first one to lower my guard and love you

Baby, I ll tell you this, don’t get mad. you weren’t princess in my heart

With you I always felt complete4 but fuck you fuck me

Why would I keep you as a princess when you were the queen in my heart


If you ever tried to listen to this heart

Baby you would have known how much I loved you

You can ask my friends, they know how much I cared about you

But fuck this love and fuck you and fuck me, it doesn’t mean shit right now

Baby ya know, I love you always but I don’t give a fuck about it right now


‘Let me!!’

Let me drive, Let me control the steering of the wheel

Let me press the break, Let me stop

Let me change the gear, Let me feel real

This thing s0 called life, Let me handle

Let me feel free, Let me burn my own candle

Let me be selfish once, Let me put myself first

Let me love people, oh! Let me love myself first

wish you the best :) :)

wish you the best :):)

What if I say, you the last person I’ll ever fall in love with

Will you be happy to hear that?

Maybe it’s neither you nor me

Maybe we never meant to be

But girl, let me confess right here right now

You the last person I want to hate and the first one when I think of love

Not a single day passed by without thinking of you my love

I miss your smile, your hair, your soul and your curve

The way you talk and your voice, the way you joke and your laugh

I miss everything that belongs to you

Including me, coz once I was belong to you

When I drink my morning coffee, I think of you

I think of our last days, days you decided to froze your heart

Days you were unhappy and sad, days you were hurt

But also days you became selfish and cold

When you stopped looking into my heart

Days you stop giving a fuck when I was hurt

I wonder how you overcome it or how you made it easy to let go

I wonder if I am easy to be forgotten and easy to let go

But girl am happy for you, for the route you chose

I hope you are happy, happy and have nothing to lose

Girl, I ll never deny the fact that you the ‘the one’ girl I have met

The girl I was looking for, with the girl I wanted my perfect world to be create

If I write about you, this words will be endless

Except for the word, ‘I love you always’

I guess I have nothing to say

For the girl I love, I want you to be happy and well

And I will always wish you the best, maybe from the very very faraway!!

I Hate You(Smoking Kills)

I Hate You(Smoking Kills)


I hate you, I hate you but I need you you know coz I can’t live without you

I know your true intention but I can’t ignore you, you know

everyday I think about you. Day and night I keep you on my side

Coz you know, I can’t sleep without you


Coz of you I am ruining my life

Everyday I stay with you and I know you wasting my time

But I need you even though I hate you

Coz without you I don’t see any meaning in my life

But thank you, coz of you I made so many friends on my side


But they don’t like me, they just come expecting that I will share you

Coz they like you more than they hate me

But you no worry, I will never share you

Man! I can’t leave you, you know I am addicted to you


If you walk on the street, you will hear everyone talking about you

People says this and that and everybody hates you

Outside they curse you and says you are toxic to everyone

But inside they wish they have you

Coz you know you are just the one, everybody wants you


After you came in my life, I am not me anymore

You take me to the places where I have never been before

But I like the way you fuck my mind, I don’t feel anything anymore

I see divine and my world full of smiley devils when I am around you

you know I never liked you but hate the fact that I need you

Coz you know my life is nothing without you


I take you as you healing me outside but you know you slowly killing me inside

But I don’t care, like the way you love to fuck my mind

I like to fuck you and suck you and put my problems aside

Coz in my dark days, you just came in front of me as a light to fight

And thank you for helping me to leave my past behind

I ll never able to repay you


It’s just me sitting on the grass thinking about you

So many controversial subject, my heart and my mind just talking about you

Saying keeping you on my side is a crime

But fuck what they said…you are irreplaceable part of mine

Even my doctor said,

“SMOKING KILLS’’ but I will never leave you behind

for her

for her

He has his heart for her

Every breath he takes

He takes for her

He has a small world

Where he lives for her

If you wonder how much he loves her

You can look in his eyes

And I am sure for that

You will able to see her

He keeps grinding and working hard

Polishing his life and giving all he has

Whatever he does, he does for her

His daily input to build his future

He builds for her

Everyday when he wakes up

He hopes and believes in her

He is determined and dedicated

Even he don’t know when she will be back

But he dreams for her

He lives everyday and wait

And he never stop

Never gives up to wait his illusional girl