A Letter to you

‘A Letter to you’


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

Everytime I try to close my eyes, I see you playing with my hair

And I hate every blink I make, even start hating myself when I fall asleep

When I try to sum up good things in my life after you left me

Everything looks devastated, same old shit and nothing is happening new

I hate you and I hate you but I hate myself even more

I don’t understand why you running away, I can’t keep up with you anymore


They said love is only real when you let her go

But my world is crunching away when I see you I can’t let it just flow

You brought me from the hell and take me to the stars

You brought butterflies in my empty stomach and you kissed me on my scars

I had a broken wings when you healed all those pain

You made me feel a real love, you teached me to cherish beautiness of this rain

now I think about you, when you left

you cut off my wings and it feels like I’m choked by a chain

Baby memories of you, I’m feeling crazy and dizzy, am going insane. Yea yea, I’m going insane.


I’m tryna write things but nothing comes in my mind right now

I pick up my pen and start writing something to distract myself from you

But whenever I write, I write fuck love and shit, I always end up writing about you

I hate how the things turned out baby, once we were a stranger

And we fall in this thing called love and you fight and I fight we both fight

All the honeymoon shits turned into nightmares and you left and we act like we don’t know each other anymore

I hate the way this things turned out baby, I hate the fact that we are stranger right now baby


If I knew before we met how we will end up, prolly I would have never called you

Prolly I would have love you without saying I love you

Prolly I would have stay friend with you but fuck I know

I know we both were trying to lift our guard up but before you

I was the first one to lower my guard and love you

Baby, I ll tell you this, don’t get mad. you weren’t princess in my heart

With you I always felt complete4 but fuck you fuck me

Why would I keep you as a princess when you were the queen in my heart


If you ever tried to listen to this heart

Baby you would have known how much I loved you

You can ask my friends, they know how much I cared about you

But fuck this love and fuck you and fuck me, it doesn’t mean shit right now

Baby ya know, I love you always but I don’t give a fuck about it right now