wish you the best :) :)

wish you the best :):)

What if I say, you the last person I’ll ever fall in love with

Will you be happy to hear that?

Maybe it’s neither you nor me

Maybe we never meant to be

But girl, let me confess right here right now

You the last person I want to hate and the first one when I think of love

Not a single day passed by without thinking of you my love

I miss your smile, your hair, your soul and your curve

The way you talk and your voice, the way you joke and your laugh

I miss everything that belongs to you

Including me, coz once I was belong to you

When I drink my morning coffee, I think of you

I think of our last days, days you decided to froze your heart

Days you were unhappy and sad, days you were hurt

But also days you became selfish and cold

When you stopped looking into my heart

Days you stop giving a fuck when I was hurt

I wonder how you overcome it or how you made it easy to let go

I wonder if I am easy to be forgotten and easy to let go

But girl am happy for you, for the route you chose

I hope you are happy, happy and have nothing to lose

Girl, I ll never deny the fact that you the ‘the one’ girl I have met

The girl I was looking for, with the girl I wanted my perfect world to be create

If I write about you, this words will be endless

Except for the word, ‘I love you always’

I guess I have nothing to say

For the girl I love, I want you to be happy and well

And I will always wish you the best, maybe from the very very faraway!!