Fav I desire In a cloudy weather

As I can act conspicuously inconspicuous

I can literally shed the tears

when the beautiful fog is plastered in my vision

Grinning cheerfully in the wimpy weather

As my soul alter in a darker version

Like it manifested in a malevolent nature

And I can play with a violin tune

seems the string is anxiously tired

It taste bitter and nutty, slightly dull

Like my heart drowning in a black hole

I can’t crawl above or at the bank sides

Like the humankind disbanded me from their kinds

And they ditched me on the ground and buried under the soil

As I am repugnant being they created

As I am ordeal thing they erringly constructed

Their joy on damaging my existence

Scattering my flesh to see a vulture stuffed

Sipping my blood on their senseless victory

Makes me animosity toward their kinds

Wish I can be nightmares of their child

Be the menace they afraid of

Crunch their bones and poison their food

This war of hatred which I want to conclude

By Vaporizing their existence from this nature

Looking back at my adversity I overcome

placing my foot on their chest and

decorating my head with king’s crown

Licking the profound feeling of my guts

Shouting to this dead souls

That  I am The God of this new world.