Fav I desire In a cloudy weather

As I can act conspicuously inconspicuous

I can literally shed the tears

when the beautiful fog is plastered in my vision

Grinning cheerfully in the wimpy weather

As my soul alter in a darker version

Like it manifested in a malevolent nature

And I can play with a violin tune

seems the string is anxiously tired

It taste bitter and nutty, slightly dull

Like my heart drowning in a black hole

I can’t crawl above or at the bank sides

Like the humankind disbanded me from their kinds

And they ditched me on the ground and buried under the soil

As I am repugnant being they created

As I am ordeal thing they erringly constructed

Their joy on damaging my existence

Scattering my flesh to see a vulture stuffed

Sipping my blood on their senseless victory

Makes me animosity toward their kinds

Wish I can be nightmares of their child

Be the menace they afraid of

Crunch their bones and poison their food

This war of hatred which I want to conclude

By Vaporizing their existence from this nature

Looking back at my adversity I overcome

placing my foot on their chest and

decorating my head with king’s crown

Licking the profound feeling of my guts

Shouting to this dead souls

That  I am The God of this new world.


My wife

Morning coffee she makes

It boost my adrenaline for a whole day

My wife so charismatic

I am her one die hard fan

My life, my other half

She perfected my empty side

Her touch, her love, her kiss

It’s the source of my healthy life

She loves me to the core

I am infected and she comes as a cure

She is good at loving me

She loves me hard

She is good at detecting

She always caught me off guard

And I love getting punished

Cause she is good at that

Sometimes in our bed and sometimes in the backyard

Just full of surprise, surprise makes us crazy

Our love so beautiful, never run into hazy

Glad, I married this beautiful woman

My marriage life so adventures

We played hide and seek in museum and we kissed

We went to thrilling place and had fun

Funny part; We kissed in the rollercoaster

Even we know we are,

We the perfect couple

Couple everyone talks about!!


Aftermath of this cocktail, it’s taking me to the different places. One minute ago, I was in a couch, sipping alcohol like my throat is dried out because of thirstiness. I poured Jack Daniel’s and Vodka in my glass and start drinking like it is my morning coffee. One after another, even before I realised, I finished the 6th one. And my head start feeling heavy for a moment and it start slowing down. I felt like I am in a roller coaster and running in the speed of light. This universe, this world and everything around me, I felt everything is running so fast. Yet my thoughts were running in a slow pace. After a couple of round in roller coaster, my heart start pounding so loudly, and it felt like I am carrying an ice cold stone in my heart. It was heavy. I wanted to forget but I failed even after I emptied countless of Jack Daniel’s and Vodka.

without you

This summer gonna be little cold and empty

Now all the parks and cinemas is unknown to me.

And bubble it pops, it’s not gonna be funny

Now all the delicious food is tasteless and ugly.

Dunno why,  it is little uncomfortable in my own bed

And my cell phone, it acts little strange with me.

And my lips is dry, my eyes is lacking a vision

My palms looks desolate for an unknown reason.

And this summer gonna be little cold and empty.