“The older I get the less I believe in promises.”


without you

This summer gonna be little cold and empty

Now all the parks and cinemas is unknown to me.

And bubble it pops, it’s not gonna be funny

Now all the delicious food is tasteless and ugly.

Dunno why,  it is little uncomfortable in my own bed

And my cell phone, it acts little strange with me.

And my lips is dry, my eyes is lacking a vision

My palms looks desolate for an unknown reason.

And this summer gonna be little cold and empty.


As they said, the pain is real in next morning. It’s true. I had an accident last night but it was minor. I could have died or the accident could be major if I wasn’t riding my motorbike in average speed. Got some minor injuries but the scary part is they said I blacked out. I tried to remember everything afterwards but I couldn’t, I just remember the car coming towards me and next thing I remember is I was on the road. They said I passed out for a couple of minutes until one old man wake me up. Even after the accident I was okay. Might be I don’t know how to react coz it never happened to me before, I looked alright. They said I look fine. And as being a martial artist, this pain looks familiar so I didn’t care much about it. But I end up going hospital anyway and everything went fine.

But this morning, this pain is kinda too much. Chest is burning, back are aching but I am trying to stay strong coz I know, I have been here before. I am familiar with this pain so I think I will get over it and it will heal like it supposed to(finger crossed).

Take Responsibilty!

“Don’t rely on others to make your life better. You may seem like a puzzle piece that fits nicely into their plans at one point, but what happens if they change their minds? So be it. You have a mind to lead you by logic and a heart to lead you by reason. You choose your fate by taking responsibility and by taking the lead in your life. DON’T make yourself part of others’ plans. Make your own plan and be part of it.”

Mind platter

Najwa Zebian