Aftermath of this cocktail, it’s taking me to the different places. One minute ago, I was in a couch, sipping alcohol like my throat is dried out because of thirstiness. I poured Jack Daniel’s and Vodka in my glass and start drinking like it is my morning coffee. One after another, even before I realised, I finished the 6th one. And my head start feeling heavy for a moment and it start slowing down. I felt like I am in a roller coaster and running in the speed of light. This universe, this world and everything around me, I felt everything is running so fast. Yet my thoughts were running in a slow pace. After a couple of round in roller coaster, my heart start pounding so loudly, and it felt like I am carrying an ice cold stone in my heart. It was heavy. I wanted to forget but I failed even after I emptied countless of Jack Daniel’s and Vodka.


Gloomy Sunrise!!

The beautiful Sun and its sunlight. When one of the rays hit in my face, I woke up so early in this morning. I whispered in her ear ‘Good morning sweetie’. She is in deep sleep and I thought probably she is tired from yesterday double shift in her work. But she looks amazingly beautiful when she sleep. Especially when it is next to me facing towards me. Her face brighter than the sunlight and beautiful as a Moon. I am in so love with this girl. I met her 2 years ago in Central London Architecture Exhibition. It was kinda like a movie, I happened to bump into her and I dropped her papers and stuff. That’s how I met her. With a time being, we knew we have  common interest in arts and slowly we have so much common things between us. And we start living together. I proposed her last month and now we gonna marry next week on Sunday. I am excited. She is excited too. We are planning everything for our wedding day. We are working so hard to save money so we can make our wedding best as possible. From greeting cards to decoration of flowers. She is busy in choosing her wedding dress and she is happy. We both are happy. She is a beautiful girl and she has every thing that all I asked for. And all of sudden her phone’s alarm goes off. Now, I woke up.


I hate this. This gloomy sunrise. I hate this sun light. It ain’t beautiful, not without her.

OneNightStand went WRONG

” I have a small bag. Inside the bag there is women’s white shirt and black lingerie.”
A Fiction Story.
Warning: Contains expletive words.

25th November 2015, Wednesday

Today’s weather is cold; colder than yesterday. I am in the middle seat of the train heading toward Glasgow Airport. I am sitting here staring at window anxiously.. I have a small bag. Inside the bag there is women’s white shirt and black lingerie. Yesterday, two most fucked up things had happened in my life. First was about my job and second was about my One night stand.


24th November 2015, Tuesday

I was fired from my job hour ago. And I came in the bar carrying my jobless, helpless, hopeless body. I was sitting in the corner table of this bar. I was there alone in the table with my cold beer. People were dancing on the middle floor and music were hitting the rooftop. And I am thinking about my life, my job that I got fired for literally no reason. I work in private newspaper company. And I am or rather say I was a journalist of their company.This afternoon my boss called me and said I am not working good and said goodbye.


But I know why he fired me. I know it is because of his wife. Last week his wife called me in her house to talk about the articles I was working on. My boss went to California to meet his daughter at that time. Me and my boss wife were talking about this report. I know she is age around late 30s and medium ugly + fat.


‘Do you want coffee?’ she asked.

‘Yes please without milk.’


She made coffee and hand over me. I sipped the coffee. ‘it taste good’ I said.

‘Thank you darling’ she said and came closer to me.


She kissed me in my cheek and brought her mouth near to my ear and whispered ‘ I want you inside me’. I was shocked (what the fuck!! fucking whore) I murmured inside my stomach. I made a distance and told her that she is my boss wife. And it is totally wrong + I am not interested in that way with her(nobody interested with ugly fat woman). I think she got angry because I straightly denied her request. I know she felt insulted. I didn’t mean to say that though but I am not going to sleep with my boss wife.


‘I am sorry Ms. Collin, I need to go home’ I said.

She didn’t even say anything I just left awkwardly from her house


So he fired me from my job after one week. I was sipping my beer little by little thinking about going London tomorrow. I am in last sip of my beer and I saw this girl coming near me.

‘Do you mind if I sit here’ she asked pointing opposite chair to me.’

‘Go find another table (bitch)’ I replied.

‘I will buy you a drinks‘

(Please fuck off I am not in mood to play) ‘No thanks, please leave me alone.’ 

She went away.

I wasn’t thinking straight and I saw her still standing in next to me looking around. It was  full of people in all table.


‘I am sorry for before, I wasn’t aware that all table is full. You can sit here if you want’’ I offered.

She smile and said ‘ thank you’.

‘My name is Emily ‘

‘I am Blake…Blake Watson’ I replied.


‘I am sorry for before, I wasn’t thinking about someone will come to me and ask for a chair. I am not in good mood to think straight at the moment. I am really sorry’ .

‘Nah! It’s alright. BTW why you not in good mood?? You look so down.’

‘I got fired from my job in an hour ago and enjoying my most fucked moment of a life.’

‘I am really sorry to hear that. Don’t feel down. How did you get fired?’ She asked and wave her hand to the waiter. Waiter came to our table.


‘You don’t want to mix your beer with other drinks right?? She asked me.

I nodded.

‘One carlsberg and one gin and tonic with ice please.’

‘Yea no problem miss.’ waiter replied and went to his bar to make drinks.


‘Now tell me dear what actually happened’ She asked.

‘I am an idiot and didn’t sleep with my boss wife when she asked me to when his husband was away. What a fucking whore. What kind of people lives in this world. And that son of bitch… He just listened to his wife lies and fired me.’  


She stared at me awkwardly.

‘I am sorry for my language, It just came out from my mouth.’

‘It is alright’ She said and gave me a little smile. She waits for a drinks. And when drinks arrived she placed beer in front of me and gave me sign to drink. She take a sip quietly. I drank silently. It was totally awkward environment.

‘Where you from? Why you here?’ I broke the silence.


She is saying that she came here from America to visit her parents…… I didn’t even hear what she is saying. I am just looking at her beautiful face. I think she is around twenty three, three to five years younger than me. She is wearing this white shirt – half folded and jeans. Her face is well makeup, a freckles under the both eyes, a reddish hair, a fine jaw line, straight nose, big lips which is making me to kiss her deeply. She is wearing this gold necklace and the locket inside her open cleavage which I can see her half  breast clearly from here. She is Irish lovey dovey girl. I love Irish girl. And this girl, this girl is way too much beautiful. Her presence is hitting in my sexual point. At one point I forgot that I just got fired from my job.

‘And well! I am a daughter of that son of bitch you mentioning as to your boss’’ She ended her answer. I act surprised and shocked because I only hear that (I am a daughter of that son of bitch you mentioning as to your boss).


‘I am really sorry, I bad mouth  to your mother’ I said in low tune.

‘Hahaha! It’s fine. Her act is no less than a whore and beside that she is not my mother.’ She replied.

‘And I am sorry I said that to your father as well’

‘He deserve that. I don’t like him.’.


Her answer loosen me up.I feel little relax. She laugh and I laugh. We both laugh.


‘Are you married??’ She asked me.


Now her question forced me to remember my ex-wife. Anna. A beautiful woman whom I have vowed to spend my whole life. We loved each other for five years.  We met in this sunday church introduced by one of friend who is luckily happened to be her cousin. After 3 years of affair, we married and went to the London to live our life. I fucked our relationship after we came London. One day Anna found me with girl in our room. She cried a lots on that day. And she divorced me next day. She went to her parents home and I came to Glasgow to start my new life. It’s been two years and three months we divorced and now, I miss her. Emily made me to miss my ex-wife. I am guilty. I regret what I have done and I miss my wife – Anna for a moment.


‘I am divorced’ I replied.  


‘What’s her name?’


‘Poor you’ She said. She came near to me and hold my hand.


‘Do you want to dance with me?’ she asked with slight smile..

‘I am fine here’ I replied.

‘What a man you are. A beautiful girl is asking you for a dance.. Come one!!’ She insist. She grabbed my hand and pull me towards her.She smells good. A high quality perfume running on her body which I am sniffing lovingly.


‘You smells good like a flowers’

‘I smell better without clothe’ She said.

I am like woo! (This girl is hitting me even though she knows I am divorced, jobless guy).

‘I like you’ she whispered in my ear.

‘How sweet! I like you too’ I was flowing with the moment.

She puts my hand on her buttocks and said ‘Do you like it?’.

‘Marshmallow!! It is marvelous, I am loving it’ I replied passionately.


We danced for a moment and she asked me to come to her place but it was a hotel room.


Right after we entered in a room she kissed me and pushed me on the bed and start unbuttoning her shirt. She with her black lingerie in front me. Opened.


‘You are beautiful’


She gave me this sensual smile which aroused me. Now she is only in underwear. She took my cloths off and start kissing me. I was so much having pleasure with her touch as I feel like it is my first time. I haven’t slept with any other girl after I was divorced. When her flesh touched my flesh, it made me miss Anna. I start seeing Emily as my wife – beautiful Anna. I hugged her tight. I kissed her lips. I kissed her neck. I was going to go inside her. ‘I love you baby… I miss you… I miss you  Anna.. I love you  Anna’ I said in her ear.

(Ohh!!!! I am fucked ) I realized I am fucked right at the moment when I said the most fucked up sentence in the world. I whispered my divorced wife name in someone’s ear while doing sex. Trust me that was so fucked up. I felt a retarded guy in the whole universe. She pushed me away.


‘You fucking son of a bitch’.

‘I am so sorry, I don’t meant to say that’ I said even I knew she is already humiliated with my action.

‘You fucking lowcast dick, go and fuck your retarded divorced wife’.

‘I am sorry… I am sorry Emily. I am so sorry’.

‘Fuck you’.


She literally kicked naked me from the bed. I searched my clothe, wear it and leave the house immediately and awkwardly.


I saw her again


I could have meet her. She was right there at that shop, with her friends. She was ordering her food, probably she was in lunch break from her work or college. I don’t know her. But I want to know her. It’s not like it is my first time seeing her. It is actually my third time. First time I saw her was when I went to watch that movie ‘Huntsman winter’s war’. She was right near me, next to my seat. It was dark so I don’t know in detail how she looks, I only gave glimpse on her and with that short moment, I can say that  she is beautiful. I think that’s what people call love in first sight. Hahaha!! I don’t know her but she is attractive; my kind.


     Second time I saw her was in her house. On her patio. I am not stalker and desperate to see her but she was there, watering flowers. It wasn’t on purpose that I was there, it was one beautiful lucky coincidence that I happened to be there. She was wearing that normal clothe; clothe girl usually wear in her house, a comfortable one: not expressing beauty with make-up. She tied her hair on back of her head and was wearing glasses. Even with that distance, I can say she was looking amazingly beautiful. With the ray of sun on her forehead and her hand decorating the flower, it’s like an angel came on Earth to look the view of nature. She is naturally gifted with sexual figure and an attractive beautiful face. And I wondered at that time, how many guys is dreaming about her, she on their lap, on their side, on their bed. And I laughed! I am one of them.


And third time is today at that shop. Last time when I saw her, I wasn’t able to speak with her, because I am an asshole, coward or let say I was nervous like I am always. It is always hard for me to talk with girl and really feel that shaking big heart beat when I talk with any girl. And this girl, she is the one I want to talk and make her mine but I am scared. nervous af. But I decided that I will speak with her next time I see her. And again, I didn’t speak with her. She was that close to me, I had a chance, but I didn’t.


It is not like she don’t know me. She has seen me before as well, on that cinema, in front of her house and yea! Today as well. She was giving me that sense like’ I am waiting for you’. I think she also wants to talk with me but she wants me to make a first move. And here I am, hilariously nervous to face her. She has my attention from the beginning and I do have her attention(a hunch).  But you know what, I am that creature who are too nervous to tell her that ‘I want to be near you.’


Haha!! I laughed and whispered on the air looking at her ‘I like you beautiful…’


I start my motorbike and came back to college.