Aftermath of this cocktail, it’s taking me to the different places. One minute ago, I was in a couch, sipping alcohol like my throat is dried out because of thirstiness. I poured Jack Daniel’s and Vodka in my glass and start drinking like it is my morning coffee. One after another, even before I realised, I finished the 6th one. And my head start feeling heavy for a moment and it start slowing down. I felt like I am in a roller coaster and running in the speed of light. This universe, this world and everything around me, I felt everything is running so fast. Yet my thoughts were running in a slow pace. After a couple of round in roller coaster, my heart start pounding so loudly, and it felt like I am carrying an ice cold stone in my heart. It was heavy. I wanted to forget but I failed even after I emptied countless of Jack Daniel’s and Vodka.


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