saved by her again

a poem. #darkheart


saved by her again

the sunshine…..and the red,

the sky…..and the blue,

the cloud… black,

me standing on the road…..clutching my bag

this cut and the stitches,

the knife and the blood,

the zip is opened, the heart is out,

my heart

wonder why I am like this,

even when my chest is peeled, I don’t feel any pain

my blood is dripping from my vein

but I am still standing in this rain…..

and alone

my memories are manifested in my eyes,

my other side lurkin me in the darkness

deep inside, she is calling my name

either the good or I evil,

at the end we all dance with the Grim Reaper,

or she is the mirage,

she is calling my name

my world,

the sunshine…..and the black,

the sky…..and the black,

the cloud… black,

and my heart is in the dungeon

surrounded by the stinky monsters,

so bloodthirsty, eyes with one intention

to slaughter

no hope, no light in this dark and cold room,

only I heard her voice

she is calling my name

her voice…..pure,

like she is here to free me

from this darkness of my evil world

she lick my tears, that nasty and salty

and drank my sin

she insisted I am worthy,

worthy to be saved

I cried like a little baby,

I am thankful and re-born again

because she called my name again


she transformed into beautiful rainbow,

my rainbow in this gloomy rain.

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