Gloomy Sunrise!!

The beautiful Sun and its sunlight. When one of the rays hit in my face, I woke up so early in this morning. I whispered in her ear ‘Good morning sweetie’. She is in deep sleep and I thought probably she is tired from yesterday double shift in her work. But she looks amazingly beautiful when she sleep. Especially when it is next to me facing towards me. Her face brighter than the sunlight and beautiful as a Moon. I am in so love with this girl. I met her 2 years ago in Central London Architecture Exhibition. It was kinda like a movie, I happened to bump into her and I dropped her papers and stuff. That’s how I met her. With a time being, we knew we have  common interest in arts and slowly we have so much common things between us. And we start living together. I proposed her last month and now we gonna marry next week on Sunday. I am excited. She is excited too. We are planning everything for our wedding day. We are working so hard to save money so we can make our wedding best as possible. From greeting cards to decoration of flowers. She is busy in choosing her wedding dress and she is happy. We both are happy. She is a beautiful girl and she has every thing that all I asked for. And all of sudden her phone’s alarm goes off. Now, I woke up.


I hate this. This gloomy sunrise. I hate this sun light. It ain’t beautiful, not without her.


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