My college assignments deadline

It’s been a week I haven’t went to college. I went last Friday and spoke with my teacher and I sign out. I remember that morning, I was pretty much stressed because of all of the assignments deadline. I am that one kind of last minute guy who doesn’t do anything in the beginning and totally get freaked out and stressed at the end. Yea that’s me.


I only slept for like 3 hours on Thursday night. I was doing my assignment and you know the worst part,,,, I had no idea what I was doing.. Everything was unknown to me. Forget about the distinction question. It was hard for me to figure out the answer of pass question. And I regret of not attending any lesson in my college. In the morning at 9 am, I always walked out from our house to go college and I even went to college. But to attend lesson is different thing. There was too many distraction from the entrance gate of college to door of my classroom. I was always the late comers of my class. Did I really enjoy everything?? Yea most of it.. But damn!! The last day was pretty harsh day tho.. And somehow with the caffeine I took in morning because I had to last long on Friday… that caffeine trigger my adrenaline and I happen to finished my work on Friday. And boom!! No college for 2 month. Enjoyin the holidays!!!


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