Back to Bloggin World

Hello everyone, been like month or two I haven’t updated my blog site. Things went crazy/hell in this period of time. I was actually busy with my personal stuff. But finally, I am getting through it. And one of the thing that didn’t let me to write stuff is my college last minute coursework. Yea!! Along with other hurdles that I was going through, college coursework was one of them. I can’t clarify my other problems: well that is way deep personal anyway and you guys are not much interested. So let’s make it simple… because of my own shits and shits… I wasn’t able to do anything much. Only a thing I did on those time was… College, work, training and life with depression all the time.. Yea! This stuff made me busy and wasn’t able to focus into other stuff like writing blogs and sketching and other stuff. But now I think I am getting better than before. ok!! my college thing is done for another 2 month so atleast I have one less thing to focus. So I can give my time in other stuff. I have planned to do so many things in this off period and writing blog is one of them. So I ll make sure I ll update my site regularly.

Finally back to bloggin world.


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