not a single moment of regret

I have no regrets for a things that I have done wrong in my life and I have enjoyed most of them. Day I tried smoke and went drunk for whole night or pretty much I bunked the school and involve in some local fights. By asking a date to a girl I liked or nearly smashing my balls in friend’s  bike. And lots of what the hell stuff I did in my life. I have totally no regrets. And I am not perfect so I have had hurt people. I am not that wise , so I have done things only with the wills of my heart and understanding. I don’t count myself as a good good guy but I am definitely not the bad one I guess. I failed 9 times in my life but always stand up for 10th one. I never hated people even when they said bad stuff about me but really hate myself when my dearest people doesn’t make me feel one. But I think that’s how I grew up till today. And definitely I don’t regret for a single thing I have done wrong cause it was one of the hell outrageous amazing things I have experienced in my life. And you know what?? I looking for more in my life….. Continue


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