I saw her again


I could have meet her. She was right there at that shop, with her friends. She was ordering her food, probably she was in lunch break from her work or college. I don’t know her. But I want to know her. It’s not like it is my first time seeing her. It is actually my third time. First time I saw her was when I went to watch that movie ‘Huntsman winter’s war’. She was right near me, next to my seat. It was dark so I don’t know in detail how she looks, I only gave glimpse on her and with that short moment, I can say that  she is beautiful. I think that’s what people call love in first sight. Hahaha!! I don’t know her but she is attractive; my kind.


     Second time I saw her was in her house. On her patio. I am not stalker and desperate to see her but she was there, watering flowers. It wasn’t on purpose that I was there, it was one beautiful lucky coincidence that I happened to be there. She was wearing that normal clothe; clothe girl usually wear in her house, a comfortable one: not expressing beauty with make-up. She tied her hair on back of her head and was wearing glasses. Even with that distance, I can say she was looking amazingly beautiful. With the ray of sun on her forehead and her hand decorating the flower, it’s like an angel came on Earth to look the view of nature. She is naturally gifted with sexual figure and an attractive beautiful face. And I wondered at that time, how many guys is dreaming about her, she on their lap, on their side, on their bed. And I laughed! I am one of them.


And third time is today at that shop. Last time when I saw her, I wasn’t able to speak with her, because I am an asshole, coward or let say I was nervous like I am always. It is always hard for me to talk with girl and really feel that shaking big heart beat when I talk with any girl. And this girl, she is the one I want to talk and make her mine but I am scared. nervous af. But I decided that I will speak with her next time I see her. And again, I didn’t speak with her. She was that close to me, I had a chance, but I didn’t.


It is not like she don’t know me. She has seen me before as well, on that cinema, in front of her house and yea! Today as well. She was giving me that sense like’ I am waiting for you’. I think she also wants to talk with me but she wants me to make a first move. And here I am, hilariously nervous to face her. She has my attention from the beginning and I do have her attention(a hunch).  But you know what, I am that creature who are too nervous to tell her that ‘I want to be near you.’


Haha!! I laughed and whispered on the air looking at her ‘I like you beautiful…’


I start my motorbike and came back to college.


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