‘Appreciate’ what others are doing for you…


    I think people need to appreciate for the things what other are doing for them. Actually I have learned that we need to appreciate and say ‘thank you’ to people who are helping us. Not only when they do in front of us but there is so many people who are helping us on our back as well. While we are not around; our friends, family are praying for us. They are wishing for good things and many things which we will never know in our life. It is just a word but sometimes even a word ‘thank you’ means lots to a people who have done good things for us. It’s not like they are expecting or they want you to tell them or they are doing stuff only to get your thank you and expecting to get back the favor they done but whatever the thing is; whether they are expecting or not; we have to tell them that we appreciate for a things what they are doing for us.

Our mothers has always done good things and prayed all the time for our health and life but they are not expecting anything because we are their children right? But we need to stop by and say thank you to them for a things they have done in our whole life. Even a word thank you means a lot to them.

I feel sorry for the time I didn’t appreciate the help and support that my family and friends did to me. Probably I was young or immature and I didn’t notice what others are doing for me but now I realized how it feels when someone doesn’t appreciate for the things you are doing for them. Sometimes people don’t notice; we don’t notice what other are thinking of us and what other are doing for us because it is us; a human beings. But now we have to realize that there are people who are looking on us and they always want good thing for us and they help us all the time even when we notice or not. They always love us no matter what. So we need to open our eyes and say thank you to them because they deserve it and it’s how we have to respect to other people for a thing they are doing for us.

Personally I am not saying that I need a thank you for a things that I did to my friends and people and it literally doesn’t matter to me whether they appreciate my support or not but I always hope that they know I am there for them when they need me and they will be there when I need them. It pierce in some point but I am feeling more bad for a things people did to me and I never appreciate their support. I know there is so many people who thinks of me and always help me even when I don’t notice and because I don’t notice I can’t say thanks to them. But I should have realize and said them. I am just an idiot who was just enjoying his youth time and didn’t notice the surrounding.

And now some people didn’t notice what I am doing for them it made me realize that I also might didn’t notice what other did for me in my life. I can’t change my friends and people who didn’t notice anything for a things I did for them but I think I can change myself. I am going to start changing my habit and start appreciate and say ‘thank you’  to a people who help me even it is a small help, support or anything. And while I am going to start new good thing, I like to say to my reader who reading this that I think you also need to appreciate for a things what other people are doing for you. Even you don’t notice, help is help and good things is good things you know. Don’t lose them and say at least thank you in my opinion.

‘Thank you’ is just a word but it gives a good impact to the people if it is in a right time so never miss to say it. Cause it is a one heart-warming source of beautiful smile. Please remember that.

Thank you!!

Saugat Nembang.


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