My best friend walked away.

Never thought it will be this hard to let you go. I thought it will be same like with others when they left me or I left them for a reason. I thought it is going to be normal if I just walk away from your life. And I am remembering the last time we spoke, time we spent together, It is already 8 month past that we stopped doing things together. I never made best friend in my life but I was thinking you as my best friend even I wasn’t officially accepting the fact. Because I always afraid to make best friend. Cause I knew from the start, It is hard to be apart at the end. It hurt me when I walk away from you but it pierce my heart and hurt me more when I heard you finally walk away from me.

I am finally feeling relief that now you walk away cause I was always thinking I am holding you back and you expecting me to make things right like before. But I knew it’s not going to happen like before because things has took a different way when we weren’t together. But on those days, when you weren’t with me and I wasn’t with you, I always cared you and I never forgot that you are my best friend but you never notice. To be honest I never walked away from you and I was just stuck there with the question that are you even thinking me in a same way as I was thinking. I thought you did but you never came and give me your hand to get out from the place I stuck. I was expecting all the time that you will notice and tried to come around to you but you didn’t notice at all. I knew that you also want to be in my side and walk with me but you never tried to give me your hand which I was waiting since the day I was stuck. You should have try like I tried before but you didn’t. Like I gave you my hand when you stuck, you should have give me when I need your but you didn’t. I tried till the end but you choose to walk away rather than asking me why I did. TBH I feel bad you didn’t even ask me why I walked away.

But I am sure whatever you choose you have thought it wisely so not much complain I can say. But I am happy you were my friend; a best friend of my life. Even our memories only going to stay in our memory, I am going to value it forever. I will definitely miss you my best friend. Live long.


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