‘RAPE’ It is not a right thing to do.

With the recent death of girl Neha Pun Magar(Yoruna) who was raped and murdered in a country Nepal, I am writing this article to bring awareness in all people with my thoughts and from the point of my view. And My sincere condolence to her family and relatives and wishing her soul stays happily in immortal world. Rest In Peace.

Picture of Neha Pun Magar (Yoruna)

I even wonder what that rapist is thinking at this time after raping that innocent girl. Probably he is feeling sorry about the thing he did which is hard to digest by himself as well. Now, he might already understand the beauty of women and he might realized that he could have get her with love and affection and not with the brutal force. He might be regretting now and hiding in somewhere because everyone is talking about the things he did and he knows that sooner or later he will get caught. And even with guilty feeling one thing is for sure he knows is he can’t go back and make things right.

But again what if he isn’t feeling any sorry or regret for a things what he did. Might be she ignored him when he was trying to give her his best. Might be he loved her so much that he doesn’t want her to be with others when he knows he can’t have her as well. OR might be raping a girls is what he do or he might be psychopath that he can’t control himself when he sees beautiful girls in front of him.

Things can lead to anywhere because they haven’t found that rapist. He might be someone she knows or someone she tried to ignore on her past. But whatever the reason and whatever the thing is, It is totally not right to use force to get girls. JUSTICE should be done and RAPIST should be punished. Otherwise, it will never stop.
But my point is, what step we should take after this? Shall we just catch the rapist and punished him and case closed??. I don’t think it is an idea that will prevent things like this from happening in future. I doubt that a government will hang him for that in a country like Nepal because they haven’t made a law like that. So, People need to be aware of this things. Everyone, a teenage girl, a boy, an adult people, old people, kids and everyone. They should know that this thing is not a right thing. You have to tell your kids, your friends, your brothers and sisters, and everyone about this things you know. And a community people and a government should bring awareness program in a rural place and everywhere about this kind of stuff. People must know that this is not a right thing to do. WE can’t control or demolished all rapist but we can minimize the possibility and can make them(rapist) feel that now it is hard to rape someone because people are aware of it. You guys know more than me and there is so many people who can bring peace and aware people about this stuff but instead of sitting in a couch and reading newspaper about someone getting rape, why don’t you stand for it. If you want to change this things and wants everyone to aware from this why don’t you start from yourself. why don’t you aware people??  It’s not easy but it’s not impossible though. And In a country like Nepal and in a place where education hasn’t reached, people needs you. Even after a rapist get punished, a journey to stand against rapist should not be stopped. It should be continue until everyone get this things in their nerves that IT IS NOT A RIGHT THING TO DO.
Boys, if you can’t get that girl then you can’t but don’t use your force and Girls, you are free to go anywhere you want whenever you want but make sure you can protect yourself or you are under someone protection. It’s your life, and you have to be aware of everything. Not all girls want sex with you and Not all boys are real man. Remember that…

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