Today is a new day for a new beginning.

untitledEvery morning when you wake up from that bed, it’s a new beginning of a new day. It means you can start something new. It means you got another chance to prove that you are better than yesterday. And you have a power to beat your yesterday and welcome your tomorrow.

Don’t just wake up and check your updates in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and stay in bed like another 1 hour. when you are wasting your hour in that bed, doing nothing someone is pushing harder himself to get that same dream that you always think of before you go to your bed. I know you are working harder for that dream but that someone is  working harder than you. So, my point is don’t take your time to check your updates which will not give you the joy of your dream. Just take like 5 or 10 mins to check your updates and use another 50 mins to continue your work earlier which you have to do. which will makes your 50 mins closer in a day to your dream.

No one can change himself in a day but remember ‘ Rome wasn’t built in a day’. It takes time but you should have a will to change yourself. Be positive, stay focus and change yourself slowly. and you can beat your yesterday.

Don’t waste your time doing same thing that you did yesterday. Try to change something. Try to do new thing or do a same thing in a new way. so you can learn a new thing from different angle. It’s not always about finishing a thing that you started but it is also about learning in a process. And that thing you can learn today which you didn’t learn yesterday. And please don’t leave anything for tomorrow because tomorrow is a day to beat tomorrow’s yesterday you know.

”God has gave you a priceless gift which no one can take it from you and that is ‘Today’. So, don’t waste it and use wisely.”

Saugat Nembang


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