Seeking Wisdom

I don’t even have a word to start or what to start. Now, I am in a such a situation where I can’t even decide which is a right thing for me. Just standing in a middle of a road and have no idea which way to go. I am thinking too much lately. And it’s so annoying that it’s already 4 am. I am a person with a goal, passion, or dream whatever they called. So many things I want to do or I want to be or I have to do to live in this world. But now I start realizing that I can’t keep up with all of those things and I am literally in a confuse to make a decision. I came up to here with my own decisions and made myself to think like  I can do it. But now, I think I really need someone guidance. I am so confuse with my future and It’s taking me nowhere. It’s killing me from inside.


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